1 Day Courses. Timings ~ 9.30 – 17.30

Incident management:

The day will look at rescue and retrieving incidents that may develop within a group on the water. This could vary from capsizes in dangerous locations, tidal waters, rocky landings, members of the group being lost at sea, rafted tows etc. Subject to demand, the group may be split into two groups. You must be of a minimum BCU 3* standard or equivalent experience to join this course.  Jeff Allen will be heading up all these sessions.

Day Trip

The day trips will be chosen on the day according to the weather and will be focussed on enjoying a day out on the water seeing the sights and spending time on the water with new people.

Half Day Sessions. Timings ~ 9.30 – 13.00 and 14.00 – 17.30

Boat Repairs OTW:

This session will be a “get down and dirty” one, experimenting with different techniques, materials and substances. The outcome will be that you will know first hand what works and what doesn’t work in the real environment. There will be a brief dry land aspect but soon getting on the water to test skills and materials.

Developing Edge:

Edging is a vital skill for sea kayakers but using the edge in an efficient and confident way will enhance your ability to handle your sea kayaking in all conditions. The exact content will be led by those participating.

Expedition Skills:

This session will be run by experienced expedition paddlers and will be based around top tips and handy hints. Looking at planning, packing, equipment, camp-craft, site selection and food. To gain the most out of this session you should have as much of your expedition kit available as possible.

Foundation Skills:

This session is ideal for those who have a little experience in a sea kayak but want to develop a strong foundation that will enable them to progress quickly. The fundamentals will be addressed in relation to sea kayaking, and then Body, Boat and Blade awareness will be the main theme linking into edging and edged turns and then anything that is requested by the group. This is a sheltered water session.

Going Forwards:

This workshop looks at breaking down the mystique of efficient forward paddling. The fundamentals will be looked at, as well as transferability of racing paddling into sea kayaking. Top tips and handy hints will also be added to ensure you come out of this session a more efficient paddler able to accelerate faster and sustain pace over a longer distance.

Group Dynamics:

This session will be based around a guided trip, but with an emphasis on demonstrating 4* leadership good practice. It is ideal for those who have completed 4* training and are thinking of presenting for assessment, but would like an expert model and some more input on leadership in varied environments. The trip will be as much at the top end off the 4* remit as conditions allow.

Kayak Fishing

This is for all those who want some new ideas, some advice on where to fish and also what to do when you’ve caught the fish. This will be lead by expert anglers who are also highly accomplished kayakers.

Navigation Theory – Introduction

This workshop will be for those who have either very little experience of maps and charts or would like to go back to basics to gain a solid foundation. The core themes will be understanding latitude and longitude and grid references and the features of the different charts and maps.

Navigation Theory – Intermediate

This is for those with a solid grasp of maps and charts but would like to gain a depth of understanding of tides and how to apply that knowledge to planning journeys. The various rules such as twelfths and thirds will be discussed and also their application to sea kayaking.

Navigation Theory – Advanced

If you have experience of applying tidal knowledge this session will look at planning open crossings and will develop your confidence in applying that knowledge to trips you may be planning in the future.

Night Paddle

This session will develop your skills and confidence to undertake night paddle trips. The emphasis will be on early starts and late finishes rather than specifically planned night paddles but the information is easily transferred for those that wish to undertake such trips.

Paddle Ninja:

Paddle dexterity and awareness is a vital skill to develop; on this session for novice to intermediate paddlers you will find your ability to slice and feel the blade will improve; you will be doing bow jams and hanging draws, running prys and loads of fun games that will leave you slicing your blade like a ninja!

Practical Navigation:

This is for those who have done a coastal navigation course and wish to put some it into practice. The main themes will be timing, distance estimation, map location and compass work. It will allow a degree of flexibility to cover participants needs.

Rolling Flat:

We will work in small groups of similar ability to develop and enhance your rolling skills. The nature of the session will be dictated by those participating, but it will be ideal for those who have rolled in a pool but not outside, up to those who could do with a bit of input or support because the roll is not 100%.

Rolling Under Pressure:

We will work in small groups of similar ability to develop and enhance your rolling skills. The nature of the session will be dictated by those participating, but it will be ideal for those who have a confident and reliable roll on flat water but need focussed development in rougher or more committing locations.

Self Rescues:

A reliable self rescue is a useful tool for the sea kayaker to have; join this session if you want a fun skill development session leading to you understanding the core skills of the self rescue. You will develop balance and pick up some great top tips.

Skill Development:

This session is for those who have done the foundation skills session or those who have done a bit of sea kayaking but want some more focussed input into techniques and strokes specific to sea kayaks. The exact content will be led by those participating.

Understanding Weather:

This session will focus on synoptic chart interpretation and the use of barometric pressure to predict and anticipate incoming weather. You should have an understanding of the formation of high and low pressure and the features of weather fronts to gain the most out of this session.

Using GPS:

This session will help you develop your understanding of how GPS’s work, their usefulness in different situations and also the limitations of GPS use. If you have your own, bring it along and you will be shown how to get the most out of it.

Using Wings:

Sea kayaking is all about journeying, and journeying is 99.9% forward paddling. This session focusses on creating an efficient technique allowing you to eat up the miles, keep up with that annoying person who is always 100 yds ahead of the group, or simply arrive at your destination a bit less exhausted than before. This is an innovative approach to the coaching of forward paddling using a wing paddle as a short term coaching tool to enable the paddler to feel the effect of upper body rotation and early blade exit and then recreate this with their own paddle.

Flares and Lifeboat:

This session is all about sea survival and flare use. It will involve members of the group being ‘rescued’ by the Freshwater Lifeboat and some setting off flares.


For anyone who would like to go coasteering. It will be ideal for family members who would like to get out in the water, but is ideal for sea kayakers not used to being in the water, it’s a great confidence builder.

SOT Kayaking:

This is for family members who would like to get on the water. It will be ideal for non paddling family and children who would like to give it a go.



You should be aware before booking any activities or accommodation that as with all activities in the outdoors, especially those on the sea, that sessions and session content may have to change based on the weather conditions and sea state on the day. Neither the organisers nor the coaches can be held responsible for the weather, but will do their utmost to ensure that a constructive and varied program is run whatever the conditions.